USAA Auto Insurance Review

The United Services Automobile Association is a company dedicated to serving the financial needs of U.S. military members, veterans and their families. It was founded in 1922 by Army officers who began with insuring each other’s cars when others wouldn’t. Years later, USAA continues their tradition of extending quality financial services to the military, veterans and their families with the same deeply-held values of loyalty, integrity and honesty that the company was founded on.

USAA cares deeply about the interests and future prospects of its military and veteran members and their families and has made a variety of financial packages available along with outstanding top quality service that sets USAA apart as a leading insurance provider.

USAA provides a full range of financial products and services which include:

Not just a customer but a privileged member of a leading financial institution.  That’s how USAA views its clients and as such offers unique membership savings and benefits. USAA delivers such top of the line services and benefits that 94% of its current membership plan on remaining life-time members.  Members know and appreciate all that USAA has to offer!

Regardless of the type of insurance needed–whether automotive, homeowners’ or renters’ insurance—USAA insurance offers substantial benefits and savings. The company assures low rates, easy to manage payment options and extensive insurance coverage when it’s most needed. USAA offers special drivers’ discounts for those who qualify as good drivers; i.e., those who have maintained a good driving record for the previous five years. Those who have completed a driver’s training course also qualify for driver discounts as do students with a good grade point average. Family members who continue the family tradition of USAA auto insurance membership as their parents did before them qualify for special benefits as well.

In addition, USAA offers top quality banking services that include free checking accounts with no monthly bank fees, viable interest rates and charge-free ATM card usage throughout the United States. USAA is constantly innovating to keep up with the latest technology and now offers full mobile IPAD apps that allow members to access their accounts instantly.

Thirdly, USAA offers the opportunity to hand down a legacy to ensuing generations.  Individuals whose spouse, father or mother, husband or wife were members qualify to continue enjoying USAA benefits and savings.

USAA Insurance Contact information:

USAA Life Insurance Company
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX 78288

P: 1-800-531-USAA (8722)