Three Reasons to Give Report When Involved in an Accident

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Giving a claim report during any type of accident is important to protect yourself financially and legally in the future.

Some people may be reluctant to place a claim report when they are involved in a small accident. This could be a big mistake. Not providing your viewpoint of the accident with yours and/or the other driver’s insurance company could cause plenty of problems.

Injuries may not show up for days or weeks later.

  • Your body goes through an adrenaline rush when you are involved in an accident and you may not feel pain or negative effects for a couple days.
  • Your spine shifts when your body is thrown or jerked in an accident. As a result, your muscles gradually adjust to the changes in your spine. You may not experience the full effects of this for a week or two.
  • Whiplash could be hidden in unexplained headaches, low back pain, dizziness, numbness in hands or arms, eyestrain, fatigue, and other symptoms that you may not associate with whiplash.
  • Any symptoms that you try to get treated weeks or months later could be denied by yours or the other insurance company. It may require you to retain the services (and expense) of an attorney and prove your injuries were related to the accident to receive benefits.

The at-fault party may try to shift the blame on you.

  • If your accident was minor and there was no police report, the claims will be based on each driver’s version of what happened.
  • If you mistakenly feel that fault was obvious and you do not need to make a report, you could be opening the door for fraudulent claims or for being blamed for an accident that was not your fault. This will affect your future rates.

If you were at-fault, the other party might try to receive more compensation than what they should receive.

  • People may to try to take advantage of a claims report in which they may be able to receive money by over exaggerating injuries.
  • Fraudulent injury claims or purposefully exaggerated claims will be paid out unless the insurance company has reason to believe it should be scrutinized.

Fraud hurts everyone. Be sure you are being truthful about your own injuries when asking for compensation from an accident, but don’t make the mistake of not reporting it at all. You also want to be sure that both insurance companies have your side of the story so that you aren’t mistakenly blamed for something that really wasn’t your fault. FREE Auto Insurance Quote
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