Nationwide Auto Insurance Review

Nationwide Auto Insurance has been providing quality insurance coverage to people for the least eight decades. From a very small mutual car insurance company run by several shareholders, the company has grown into a huge and very well known insurance institution all over the world. The company saw its initial growth when it established a form of partnership or coordination with Farm Bureaus. This venture helped sponsor the company prompting its growth and driving it to its current leading position. At present, Nationwide Auto Insurance boasts of over $135 billion worth of statutory asset. Likewise, the company still receives support from a number of bureaus in exchange of policy discounts to members. Throughout the years, the company has also launched a large scale western expansion reaching an added twenty states.

The question now is what sets Nationwide Auto Insurance apart from everyone else?

Basically, when dealing with Nationwide Auto Insurance, clients can expect the company to provide full support when determining the price of their insurance policy. There are several rating factors that are considered. These include:

  • Nationwide Auto InsuranceAge
  • Driving experience
  • Vehicle usage
  • Car model
  • Car manufacturer
  • Geographic location of the driver
  • Driving history
  • Claims history

Nationwide Auto Insurance offers a great deal of convenience for its insurance payments, which is one of its main advantages. Online payments possible include: Discover, Visa and MasterCard. Clients will not need to worry about getting their premiums paid because it is very convenient to do so. Policyholders may also see their billing statements in case they have billing policies and accounts. Billing statements can go as far back as ninety days. The company actually offers the same kind of transaction convenience that most banks are now using and delivering today. Other statements may be viewed as far as thirteen months.

Policyholders have the opportunity to report any fraud claims by simply contacting the customer service hotline. Following a claim report, the company makes sure that it is investigated immediately. The report is reviewed and then processed to inform the policyholder about whether or not something went wrong. There is also a claims inquiry function where all reports and similar claims are documented or field. This can be accessed online. When deciding on the best insurance to claim, interested individuals can consult professionals from the company.

Contact information:

Nationwide World Headquarters
One Nationwide Plaza
Columbus, OH 43215–2220

Phone:  1-877-On Your Side