GEICO Auto Insurance Review

GEICO which stands for Government Employees Insurance Company offers a range of comprehensive insurance policies including car or auto insurance. The name has a long history which also proves the company’s capabilities throughout the years. Leo, Goodwin, the founder of the company, initially targeted customers that belong to the military and other institutions of the United States government.

Throughout the years, the company has become a leading insurance provider that caters to a varied range of customers regardless of whether they are public or private employees. With the number of auto insurance companies today, it is important to highlight why GEICO still remains as one of the leaders of the pack. Aside from their well known marketing material, the company in fact has a lot of good things to offer. Some of these include exceptional coverage, efficient customer service, low prices and targeted services.

GEICO Auto InsuranceAs compared to other insurance providers, GEICO offers a type of customer service that provides sufficient attention to clients. For instance, the company provides customer assistance 24 hours days, 7 days a week. Clients can expect the company to answer to their needs regardless of the time of the incident. Likewise, customer support is also available online thus making it more convenient to contact the company. Any questions or policy inquiries can easily be resolved and addressed.

Despite broadening its business scope, it is important to note that the company has never forgotten its roots. From its founding back in 1936, GEICO still continually offers personnel from the U.S. military affordable insurance coverage. The company seeks to recognize the contribution of such people to the government and the country.

The good thing about GEICO is that it also offers other insurance options and services which make it a one-stop option for many people. Aside from auto insurance, people can also avail of the following policies or coverage:

There are a whole lot more of insurance policies that are available.

Contact information:

GEICO Auto Insurance
One GEICO Plaza
Washington, D.C. 20076

Phone:  1-877-418-1312