Difference Between Male and Female Drivers: Insurance Premiums

A recent study by Carnegie-Mellon revealed that male drivers are more than twice as likely to be involved in car accidents that are fatal than women are. Insurance companies have also stated that men are ten percent more likely to have multiple violations than women are.

Shocker? New news? Not really, considering that premiums for women drivers have been cheaper than men’s premiums for years. While other classifications of people, such as college students who are looking for auto insurance, are likely to share higher premiums as a whole, the great divide begins to get a bit bigger as drivers increase in age.

The fact that women historically pay less in auto insurance premium may not seem right to some: there are probably plenty of men reviewing mental pictures of women applying mascara, talking on the phone, singing a song, and drying a pedicure with one foot out of the window while driving, but women all over the world would quickly disrupt that mental picture by pointing out the commonly held belief that is learned as a child: “girls mature faster than boys.”

So Women Don’t Have To Worry About Being A Good Driver?

It seems that governing authorities and insurance companies tend to agree with the saying that ‘girls mature faster than boys’: in the state of Virginia, for example, women are considered youthful drivers only until the age of 25 or until married, while men are considered youthful drivers until the age of 30 or until married. While it’s possible that the risk becomes absorbed by all since it may even out (such as a 29 year old man marrying a 24 year old woman), the fact is, women typically pay less than men do for auto insurance. Auto insurance companies seem happier to offer cheaper rates to women drivers than they do men based on numbers, and typically, numbers don’t lie. Studies have shown that women don’t engage in risk-taking behavior as much as men do, tend to drive less often after dark, and the types of accidents they have are typically less fatal. Since women also tend to buy used vehicles 53% of the time, and also look for ‘reliability’ since 62% of women worry about being broken down, they’re likely to buy vehicles that are cheaper to repair if something were to happen, all leading to a lower premium.

That doesn’t mean that women enjoy their auto insurance premiums more than men do, nor does it mean that a woman’s auto insurance premium is going to be cheaper than a man’s every single time. It simply means that most of the time, a woman has a greater chance at getting a lower premium, but they can change this very easily with just a few factors.  Man or woman, if you start having a bad driving record or buy a Porsche, you’re going to face a higher insurance premium.

So How Much Money Do Women Drivers Really Save?

While this is a fair question, it doesn’t really have a specific answer. Although numbers typically don’t lie, and although insurance companies have numbers to refer to when trying to calculate what the risk is for a 25 year old single woman, it doesn’t mean that the premium will always be lower. The only way to truly keep a premium low without relying on these kinds of statistics is to be a good driver, drive a car that’s reasonable to insure, and stay on top of the other things that can affect insurance rates, such as maintaining continuous insurance coverage and keeping good credit. On average, women typically save about 15 percent more than their male counterparts, but individual factors play an even larger role in determining premium. Talk to your insurance agent about your individual situation and don’t let the average statistics drive your car into an insurance premium nightmare.

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