AARP The Hartford Insurance Review

The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc., which is also called The Hartford, is one of the biggest investment as well as insurance firms in the US.  A member of the Fortune 500, The Hartford was first setup in 1810 by a group of local business owners who pooled together an investment of $15,000 to start the Hartford Fire Insurance Company.

AARP The Hartford InsuranceOver time the company has expanded its business through the years until it became the leading provider of:

Aside from its commitment to excellent service, The Hartford is also generous in giving back to the community through its sponsorship of the US Paralympics.

AARP – The Hartford is a special auto insurance program available to members of the American Association of Retired People (AARP). Non members can ask to receive a quote from the company but have to join to avail coverage.  The company’s auto insurance products offer the standard coverage but include special features that are best for senior drivers.

AARP – The Hartford sets its prices for 1 year with their 12-Month Rate Protection which is useful for senior drivers with monthly incomes. They also have a Lifetime Renewability so policy holders don’t need to worry about losing their insurance. They are assured of coverage as long as they’re able to drive and meet a few requirements. However, exceptions would be if a doctor deems you unfit to drive, you lose your license, don’t pay your premiums on time or if you get convicted of driving under the influence. Older drivers involved in accidents are protected by RecoverCare. The policy has a $2,500 benefit to pay for expenses for as long as 6 months after the accident. The Disappearing Deductible is a good incentive to drive well. Maintain a clean driving record and the company will reduce the client’s collision deductible by $150 and will continue to reduce it by $50 for each succeeding year.

AARP – The Hartford’s auto insurance program was designed to help customers save money. Their special Air bags discount, Anti-theft device discount, Auto/ Home bundle discount and Multi-car discount can help make your insurance quote even lower.

Contact information:

AARP – The Hartford
One Hartford Plaza
Hartford, Connecticut 06155

Phone:  1-860-547-5000